Software solutions

Coming 2023
Web portal for suppliers & customers

One interface across the value chain

Stop running after the data to communicate with your suppliers and your customers.
Same level of information for everyone.
Focus on the added value of your job.
Less stress, less time wasted, better communication.
Zero-access encryption and end-to-end encryption.
Your data, your decision.

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Web portal, suppliers & customers
ERP & QMS, industry wide

Follow your parts anywhere, anytime

Digitalise your network - upstream and downstream.

Data encryption, hash
Encrypt your data before it leaves
With zero-access encryption
Tracking manufacturing batches, metadata
Rely on metadatas to follow your parts
Track your next batch. No more surprises.
QMS automation, less workload
Ease the workload on your quality teams
Digital quality sheet are already pre-filled
Europe industrial scheme map example