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What keeps us motivated in the long run
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Deploy Supply-chain 4.0

Digitalisation is what keeps us up at night.
Not because it is a childhood dream to automate a KPI but because we see it as the main lever to empower people and organisations.

To reach this goal, you have to understand the operations, economics and the IT.
Programming can be hard, especially at the beginning and Supply-chain management has the same type of learning curve. I fact, both field are surprisingly quite similar in many ways.
But most people who know programming do not see the benefits of learning supply-chain management and vice versa.

At SUPPLY- GRAPH, we understand constraints from both worlds and it is our job to ease the communication between them.
While we cannot do anything and everything at once, we firmly believe that if we can define your business needs in a simple and lean way, coding them will become much easier.

While everyone is busy with Industry 4.0, we decided to focus on Supply-chain 4.0.
Companies are spending thousands / millions of euros to digitalise and automate their factories. Once they have achieved this milestone they have a digital twin encompassing around 10% to 20% of the whole value chain.

We are convinced that having visibility from raw material elaboration to the final product is much more critical and the gains can be considerable in the long term. Especially when resources are scarce and logistic routes disorganised as they are today.

Transform the aerospace sector

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, the civil aerospace industry enjoyed a decade of constant growth. People were so used to it, a common joke was "planes won't stop flying". For a brief period of time, they did.

As of July 2022, the market outlook is as bright as before and the past months' downturn barely looks significant on the 2009-2041 traffic growth rate chart. (source: Boeing 2022 CMO).

While this steady growth has bring much benefits to the industry in the past, some choices were made as if this growth would never stop. Now that the market has almost recovered, the same logic is being applied pushing build rates higher than ever.
Boeing market outlook, covid impactBoeing market outlook, 2041 forecast
Aerospace is known to contribute around 2% of CO2 emissions 3.5% of global warming (source). But new technologies promise to reduce fuel burns by 20 to 25% in the next decade on new aircrafts. These improvement are welcome but not significant enough and available too late. Worst, they could be meaningless in front of climate change if we keep producing more planes in the short term.

Recent studies have demonstrated that the best way to both limit global warming and protect aerospace jobs is to reduce the current production rate. More details are available on the website of Aero Décarbo :
At SUPPLY-GRAPH, we believe that this trend is not sustainable. By running blindly after endless growth, the civil aerospace industry is putting itself at risk. Which is why we want to help aerospace manufacturers to become more resilient in Europe and North America.
For that purpose, we identified two main levers :
  • Enhanced coordination
    Aerospace companies are hyper-specialised in Europe / North America.
    What is an advantage in terms of technical capabilities and know-how could put them at a disadvantage for providing a clear and complete offer to a complex assembly. We want to change that.
  • New markets
    While the dream of flying will never really fade away, the days of cheap travel are numbered. If aerospace engineers and manufacturers can make a 575 metric tons aircraft fly on a daily basis, imagine what they can achieve in others industries.
If you are a specialist or a company in aerospace and are looking after a way to diversify your activity, please contact us.
Even if you cannot afford our public fees, we will find a way to make it work.

If you are a specialist or a company in another industry and are looking for a new supply base, you have come to the right place. Let's discuss your project and find out what you can achieve with our network.

And minimise our environmental impacts

As we are convinced that every person and every sector has a role to play in fighting climate change, we are also supporting Time for the Planet as an organisation.
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