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Unleash the potential of your organization
- Better data, better decision making -
Supply-chain management

Audit, processes, best practices or reinforcements

Whether you are setting up your supply-chain department, improving it or in need of an external advice, we are here to help.

We can also discuss around missions to relieve your teams in the short term.
- Industrial production purchasing only (raw material, machining, special processes and assembly) -

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Data services

Automate the boring stuff

Tired of running after every piece of information ?
Got different info from two different sources ?
A surprise audit but your data is scattered ?

We've been there, know your pain and can fix this.

One source of trust
One source of trust
We connect your systems together and deliver pre-processed data to your organisation
SQL, Python, Power BI
We keep it internal
No need to install a new software, we use your IT stack
Same data, unique reporting
Same data, unique reporting
Each department can have its own report
IT stack, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, k8s, docker
Data & supply-chain management

Best of both worlds

Supply-chain management is about decision making and decision making is nothing without good data.

Business issueFraming the problemWorking towards a solutionCoding the solutionWelcoming feedbackSimple, basique.

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